Friday, 19 April 2013

Auction: Popeye #12

Popeye #12 Variant Cover (2012)
Art by Dave Sim

The newest issue of IDW's Popeye series, with a special variant cover by Cerebus creator Dave Sim. Ink and graphite on illustration board, with an approximate image area of 10.75" x 14.5". Also included are five specially signed and numbered copies of the comic book. All items are in Excellent condition.

(by fax, January 2013)
Drawing POPEYE was a dream come true. I used to watch at least an hour of POPEYE every weekday morning as a pre-schooler. My mother used to tell the story of me pointing in the windows of stores downtown and saying "Buttaflow".."Buttaflow". And she's asking "Where? Where do you see the butterfly." It took a while but she figured out that what I was saying was "Buffalo" and that I was pointing at was the number "4". The Popeye cartoons aired on WSEN, channel 4 Buffalo -- which they announced at every station break with a big 4 on the screen. The syndication package was the old Max Fleischer cartoons mixed in with the later ones. I had them all memorised and would go to sleep reciting the dialogue in my head. Like I say, this is before the age of 5. Read the full article here...

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M Southall said...

That is "WBEN" not "WSEN" - the CBS channel 4 local affiliate in Buffalo New York, which you could get with a good roof antenna in Kitchener Ontario. The "BEN" stood for an acronym of the name of its newspaper owner, The Buffalo Evening News. Dave's parents' home was on a slight hill, so he was lucky. But then, too much Popeye at an early age can distort your understanding of the world. Would things have gone better with Deni if Dave hadn't watched Olive Oyl run her cartoon marriage bureau? Hmmm.... ah well, give the man a Segar!