Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cover Tributes #7

Original: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (1986) by Frank Miller
Tribute: Cerebus #87 (1986) by Dave Sim & Gerhard
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(from a comment to Cover Tributes #5, 23 April 2013)
This drawing is pretty [Cerebus #93], but I like the other Dark Knight cover tribute Sim and Ger did, on issue 87, better. In that case, their version just blew Miller's out of the water.


Anonymous said...

I'd say it's a tie.
Miller's work has some grandiose power, you can't say the same of Sim's when you remember the 2 characters falling are the Dark Roach and the Elf.

But the snow looks so great so... tie!

Barry Deutsch said...

I think Sim/Ger's gains some points for the sheer cleverness of using the cloud edges to substitute for lighting bolts.

Also, Miller's cover - powerful as it is - is also a cliche. We've seen the silhouette against the lightning a thousand times before. The Sim/Ger version, despite being based on Miller's cover, is actually much more original.

Geofrey D. Wessel said...

My very first issue of CEREBUS (after TMNT #8...)...