Thursday, 29 August 2013

Harlan Ellison

Anything Goes #3 (Fantagraphics Books, March 1986)
Art by Dave Sim, colours by Tom Luth
(from the 'Eisner Goodwin Sim' panel talk, Will Eisner's Quarterly #4, 1985)
...I also tend to have specific individuals in mind. When I found out that Harlan Ellison was a fan of Cerebus, that raises... to the extent of saying, "hey come on, we better wake up here, because Harlan Ellison is going to read this and he's going to know good writing from bad... This one's for you Harlan. Pay attention." Yeah. Or the same as Barry Windsor-Smith. There is a certain attitude that helps me to think that, okay, these are people whose work I admire and if I know they are reading the book, I feel less inclined to say "Oh, well, this is good enough," or "This will get by." I feel more compelled to expand the borders or try something new...

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