Sunday, 20 April 2014

Famous Misogynists: Philip Roth

Philip Roth (2007)
by John Cuneo
(from My Life As A Writer, New York Times, 2 March 2014)
...Misogyny, a hatred of women, provides my work with neither a structure, a meaning, a motive, a message, a conviction, a perspective, or a guiding principle. This is contrary, say, to how another noxious form of psychopathic abhorrence -- and misogyny's equivalent in the sweeping inclusiveness of its pervasive malice -- anti-Semitism, a hatred of Jews, provides all those essentials to "Mein Kampf." My traducers propound my alleged malefaction as though I have spewed venom on women for half a century. But only a madman would go to the trouble of writing 31 books in order to affirm his hatred.

It is my comic fate to be the writer these traducers have decided I am not. They practice a rather commonplace form of social control: You are not what you think you are. You are what we think you are. You are what we choose for you to be. Well, welcome to the subjective human race. The imposition of a cause’s idea of reality on the writer’s idea of reality can only mistakenly be called "reading." And in the case at hand, it is not necessarily a harmless amusement. In some quarters, "misogynist" is now a word used almost as laxly as was "Communist" by the McCarthyite right in the 1950s -- and for very like the same purpose.

Yet every writer learns over a lifetime to be tolerant of the stupid inferences that are drawn from literature and the fantasies implausibly imposed upon it. As for the kind of writer I am? I am who I don't pretend to be...

Philip Roth (1933- ) is one of the most awarded U.S. writers of his generation.

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Jeff Seiler said...

I think Mr. Roth made Dave's case rather well and much better than Dave has been able to or cared to do over the years. Well stated, Mr. Roth!