Friday, 18 April 2014

Mugshots: Lady Gaga & Cerebus

Mugshots: Lady Gaga & Cerebus (2011)
Art by Dave Sim
When I was doing CEREBUS TV with Dave Sim, we were always trying to come up with revenue ideas. Unfortunately, this was the ONLY piece that we weren't able to sell. I got to keep the piece since the concept was my idea. Oh well, looks great in my collection!
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Travis Pelkie said...

Oh, man, this one didn't sell? I totally would have nerded out for it, particularly at the time when it was done, as I was a little more into Gaga and her music than is probably normal for a thirty-something straight dude.

I actually was thinking about this piece not too long ago. Good to see it again.

You'd think there'd be plenty of audience crossover between Gaga and Cerebus. They're both hermaphrodites with odd things on their chest, dress up in bizarre clothing, make events around them go cray-cray, and have fans who are lovably cuckoo, amirite? ;) (he sez, as a cuckoo fan of both)