Saturday 12 July 2014

Cerebus: "Passage"

Original thumb-nail sketches of the "Passage" storyline -- four pages of the original art of which have been included in CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER ONE: pages 3, 4, 5 and 6. Can you spot the four pages on the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER ONE ad on its way to Diamond Comics for PREVIEWS?! The first A Moment of Cerebus viewer to do so... will have done so before anyone else! :)
Also, scans of the really bad photocopies which are all that remain (so far as we know) of the first two pages of the story. So old that the cellophane tape holding them together just dropped off, leaving the charming yellowed "period" adhesive stains you see here. Also, note my ca. 1990 beginning attempt at "restoration" -- i.e. re-inking the solid blacks with a rapidograph and brush. I figured out pretty quickly that that wasn't going to work.

Passage was reprinted in full in Following Cerebus #2 (2004) and pages 3 to 6 formed part of Cerebus Archive Number One (2014).

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Birdsong said...

When this came out in Following Cerebus I made a high resolution scan of one panel, eliminated the tape marks, filled in the black and restored it as much as I could and sent it to Dave. I thought it turned out pretty good, but perhaps a little flat and lifeless. He said it reminded him of when Deni filled in the blacks for him in the early days and something about it didn't seem quite right. I got what he was saying because I don't want anyone working on my stuff either.