Friday, 25 July 2014

From The Archive: Zulli & Byrne Draw Cerebus

A couple of favourites from the "Other People's Cerebuses" section of the Cerebus Archive:

Michael Zulli:
Oscar Wilde and Cerebus
"The future is what artists are" pen and ink on craft-tint illustration paper "to Dave 12/3/89".
(Click image to enlarge)

John Byrne:
Cerebus and Wolverine
John drew this for me at the 1979 Atlanta Fantasy Fair.

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David Birdsong said...

That Zulli drawing has been bugging me every time I see it. Oscar's hands are different sizes and his head is flat. The chairs don't match and his anatomy has always been iffy. His execution is beautiful and over the years he has become a better draftsman, but well, I just wanted to say it.

Nothing against Michael Zulli, I just find some of the mindless praise of him odd.