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Spider-Ham Goes Mad (2007)
Art by Dave Sim

Above is Dave Sim's contribution to the Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project, which was a tribute to Bendis & Bagley's run on that title, later auctioned in aid of the Hero Initiative, benefiting comic creators in need. The cover features the 'Cerebus-esque' Spider-Ham (in place of Spider-Man) in an homage to a classic Steve Ditko cover to Spider-Man #24. You can view all the Ditko Spider-Man covers at Cover Browser.

(from The Blog & Mail #411, 27 October 2007)
Nice note from Jim McLauchlin at Hero Initiative. You might remember that I did a Spider-Ham riff on Steve Ditko's cover to SPIDER-MAN 24 as part of the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 100 PROJECT where Marvel printed up 100 copies of USM 100 with a blank space and got 100 cartoonists to do drawings on them to support Hero Initiative.

Well, according to Jeff Tundis (who was bidding, so he should know), it went for around $1500. Jim sent along a list of the winning bids. Todd McFarlane was Top Dog by a wide margin with a bid of $6,701 (it was that last dollar that killed somebody I guess). Frank Cho was just a little bit back of him at $5,116.88 (which looks as if the winning bidder drained his bank account and then went scrounging for change in the sofa cushions as the clock was winding down). Joe Quesada/Danny Miki clocked in at $3,000, Tim Sale at $2,500, J. Scott Campbell at $2,247, Joe Benitez at $2,000 Ty Templeton at $2,000 (so there went my chance to be Top Canadian Resident), Tone Rodriguez at $2,000, Neil Gaiman/Joe Rubinstein at $1,945, Joe Linsner at $1,682, George Perez at $1,526... 

The grand total was $81,475.21. I even got a Noncash Charitable Contributions form with it (#8283). I can't use if for anything, but it makes a lovely souvenir from Uncle Sam. It's a great book, too (I got a free hardcover). I had it sitting out on the coffee table and I picked it up frequently the first week just to thumb through it. You can order it in hardcover or softcover at Tell 'em Spider-Ham sent you.

Spider-Ham (July 2010)
Art by Dave Sim

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