Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rip Kirby Vol 4

Rip Kirby: The First Modern Detective
The Complete Comic Strips Volume 4: 1954 1956
$49.99, IDW Publishing, 2011
by Alex Raymond

(from Cerebus TV Season 3 Episode 13, 28 January 2012)
I'm recording this on Christmas Eve and I gotta tell you folks, its a very merry Christmas here at the off-White House, because I just got in Rip Kirby Volume 4 1954-56 and it's a jaw-dropper. "It's all good" as they say... no scratch that, "It's all amazing!" ...Alex Raymond just got better and better over the last three years of his life, which is what we’re looking at. All of it printed from syndicate proofs. If you’re only going to have one volume of Rip Kirby in your collection, I would definitely recommend that this be the one. The really good news is that IDW is obviously working in close co-operation with Heritage Auctions and is making use of their high quality scans of the original artwork that they have auctioned over the years on Rip Kirby. Look at the lines on that mail box. Look at those lines on those car headlights. Look at the detailed fine-lined brush-inking on the lurking thug. When its a 100%, which it is on so many pages in this volume, it is a thing of beauty.
Rip Kirby concept sketches (Glamourpuss #2, July 2008)
Art by Dave Sim (after Alex Raymond)

Rip Kirby Vol 4 is available from IDW Publishing.

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