Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The S-indie-cate

The Sindiecate is a website where each week a group of artists create an image related to a new theme. Between 6-11 February 2012 the choosen theme was Cerebus.
I chose this week’s topic, Cerebus. I think it’s a brilliant piece of storytelling. And impossible in today’s marketplace. A slow-paced story with strong, complex characters and delicate artwork. I recommend Jaka's Story or Women for example. Granted you would feel that you are jumping in the middle of a longer story yet within a few pages you’ll be sucked in. As a foot note I should mention Dave Sim. Much has been said about his sociopolitical views. Don’t let labels spoil a good reading. Creator and creation are different things.
Cerebus week, not much to say, just a few things:
  • Cerebus is one of the greatest accomplishments in world comic history. 27 years commited to one project. (when was the last time you commited to something for ONE YEAR?)
  • Dave N' Ger achieved art symbiosis perfection. I mention Gerhard because he's so great, often forgotten when discussing Cerebus, but without Gerhard there's no Cerebus.
  • Dave Sim is The Greatest Letterer In Comics History, I think that's a no contest, if you have doubts, flip through Guys and tell me otherwise.
  • Cerebus is a great read, like nothing you have read before, and very very entertaining, even the second half of the series where most people think Dave went crazy. I read Latter Days and I see a couple of creators at the top of their game.
I was in high school when I started reading Cerebus, in the middle of the High Society story arc. It was witty and cynical and hilarious. I didn’t understand half of the humor (I was fourteen years old!) but the storytelling was brilliant, and I always admired the texture effects Sim and Gerhard accomplished with crosshatching. Most of my sketches are digital, but I busted out a nib pen for this one! I only wish I had the kind of fluid line Sim and Gerhard achieved.
Cerebus! Thought I’d play around with Graphite for this one.
No, I’m not being cheeky by leaving the background blank to tribute an artist who has someone else draw his backgrounds for him. I’ve got an INSANE amount of work to do this week and this weekend so this, unfortunately, is as far as I got. The other bit of bad news is that I didn’t even get a chance to read Cerebus yet! So you folks will just have to go by the recommendation of the fine Sindiecate members below. I’ll be catching up on my Cerebus reading next week and, maybe, I’ll be able to get the rest of this piece sorted out.

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