Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Heart Of Juliet Jones

The Complete Heart Of Juliet Jones
by Stan Drake & Elliot Caplin
Classic Comics Press

(from Glamourpuss #9, September 2009)
It was certainly a red letter day for me when the first volume of Classic Comics Press' The Heart Of Juliet Jones reprinting arrived. The only previous effort, from Arcadia Press in the late 1980s, petered out after three volumes or so. The reproduction runs hot and cold but even second generation Stan Drake is better than first generation most-anybody-else. I strongly urge anyone even remotely interested to get their local store to order a copy or go to Classic Comics Press and get it there. Apart from IDW's proposed Rip Kirby reprinting, this is the 'complete' series that that I'm looking forward to the most. Many thanks to Charles Pelto, publisher and editor, for this long-awaited dream come true.
Glamourpuss #9 (September 2009)
Art by Dave Sim (after Stan Drake)

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