Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Gerhard's Photos: Groo The Wanderer

Groo / Cerebus Jam (1992)
Art by Sergio Aragon├ęs, Dave Sim & Gerhard
Photo by Gerhard. Click image to enlarge.
Okay, this photo has me really confused... my initial impression was that this sketch was done at a convention or signing, Dave probably roughed it in, Sergio did his bit, Dave inked his part, I added the backgrounds and colour and then we auctioned it off. But that doesn't explain why the "DS 'n' Ger" signature is dated '92 and Sergio’s is dated '91.


Eddie said...

A work in progress copy is shown in the back of Cerebus 155, with Sergio and Dave's signatures and the 2 different dates. It said that it would be auctioned at the LA stop of the 92 tour. I wonder since the publication date of 155 was feb 92 if Seegio started it in Nov/Dec 91 and you and Dave finished it in early 92?

Dave Philpott said...

Wish I owned this one !

Billthesurly said...

Hitting Groo with a hammer might, MIGHT get his attention... for a moment or two.