Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sneaky Dragon Podcast

(from the comments on Sneaky Dragon Podcast #44, 7 October 2012)
...despite my hesitations and back-tracking during the show [listen here] (sometimes it’s hard to marshall my thoughts on the spot), I do admire Dave Sim a great deal. Not just for his lettering, which is very good (and which should be available from Comicraft – get right on that, Richard and JG, would you?), but also for his synthesis of Will Eisner and Mort Drucker for much of Cerebus, his great, great writing and plotting, his sense of humour and his sheer tenacity and testicular fortitude to do what he did.

One point I wanted to make during the episode, but couldn't fit in edgewise, was that in some ways the Reads section of Cerebus suffered from the once a month time lag. I think that Sim began to think and plot in novel lengths and the issue to issue pacing began to suffer. If you read Jaka’s Story and Reads, and then read Women and Flight, the violence of those stories will knock you right between the eyes after the torpor of the preceding stories – or if you prefer, stately pace. Something that didn't really come through with the monthly comics at the time (although admittedly I'd jumped off the comics scene bandwagon around that time and stopped buying any comics so I missed it anyway)...

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David Dedrick said...

Thanks for this! I'm a big fan of this blog so I was tickled pink to see my name and my equivocations about Cerebus and Dave Sim posted here.

Each week, my title cards are inspired by things we talk about on the podcast. Being the proud owner of a circa-early nineties Cerebus shirt, I naturally used the image for that week's drawing.

David Dedrick