Wednesday, 2 January 2013

George Feyer

(from The Blog & Mail #410, 26 October 2007)
George Feyer (1921-1967). He was a television cartoon sketch artist. The only one I was aware of. Back in the 50s and early 60s before the structure of television was better understood, it was considered entertaining to have a cartoonist who could sketch as fast as Sergio Aragones do cartoons on camera in response to an interview question or to illustrate a children's story narrative. Hard to believe when you see old kinescopes of it. It's the living incarnation of Dead Air. I wonder how many cartoonists got the bug from watching guys like Feyer "doing their thing"? I wonder if I did?


Max Southall/CerebusTV said...

Definitely people STILL love to watch cartoonists do their thing before the camera.

These were always really popular on CerebusTV - and more is in store, from both Dave and Gerhard coming up in episodes now in production.

The Wally Wood tribute is still available at http://CerebusTV - where Dave does homage to Wally right before your eyes.

Stephen Benson said...

Although not strictly a cartoonist, those of us within the reach of the 1970's BBC had Rolf Harris and his on-air speed painting...