Friday, 15 March 2013

Cerebus #6: 22 Pages Of Original Art

Cerebus #6 (October 1978)
Art by Dave Sim
All 22 pages sold at auction for $15,850 (February 2013)
(from a post at The Collectors Society, 28 February 2013)
I just won this on Comiclink -- the full interior art of Cerebus 6 that introduced Jaka! This is my largest comic purchase I've ever made, but honesty I can't believe I got it for $15,850. I started thinking it might be possible when the highest bid was only $6,000 about 5 days ago, well short of the reserve of $15350. It only passed the reserve earlier this evening, at $15,600. I figured everyone was waiting for the end of the auction to bid, as was I (although I hoped I was the only person watching it). I entered my best bid with 45 seconds left, sweating bullets that my internet would go down. My highest bid was $23,000. But I was the only bidder and got it at the next increment, at $15,850.

I can't tell you how happy I am to get this. If I had to pick my favorite series, it would be Cerebus. There are alot of other candidates, like ASM, FF, Strangers in Paradise, Jon Sable, Grell's Green Arrow, Miller's DD, Bone, etc., but if I had to pick one, it would be Cerebus.

With most titles, I would have a hard time picking out my favorite issue. But for Cerebus, for me, it's clearly #6, the introduction of Jaka. This issue has a great mix of humor and romance and a bit of action (in a 3 Stooges kind of way). It's also a great example of Sim's early art and shows some innocence, much different from his more refined art later, especially once Gerhard joined him and he was relieved of dealing with the backgrounds.

But especially, this is my favorite because of Jaka, who next to Gwen Stacy is my favorite female love interest. But truth to tell ASM 31 is not that great an issue as regards Gwen -- she's introduced, but that's about it. But Cerebus #6 is all about Jaka. On top of that, Jaka is such an integral part of the entire 300 issue Cerebus story. That's not really the case with Gwen.

So, I can't believe I now own the original art of my all-time favorite issue of my all-time favorite title! How often does that happen? I feel like toasting with apricot brandy!


Dominick Grace said...

I saw that auction. Rarely have I so fervently wished I had a spare $15,000 or $20,000 lying around. Congratulations!

Tony Tower said...

Any idea if this lucky fellow allowed his pages to be scanned for the upcoming reprints/digital editions?

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

I checked with Dave Sim and he replied...

"The CEREBUS #6 pages we were very lucky with. I ran into Douglas Gillock on COMIC LINK at the Heritage Auction and he mentioned that they were auctioning it and I asked him if he would scan the pages before they went out into private hands again (Heritage had auctioned the book a few years ago for $11,000 but had only scanned I think three or four pages). George got the pages last week."