Wednesday, 6 March 2013

IDW Covers: Dr Who - Prisoners Of Time #6

Dr Who - Prisoners Of Time #6 (IDW, June 2013)
Cover art by Dave Sim, colors by Charlie Kirchoff
This one was a natural because of the Neal Adams gestures of the hand stretched into the foreground (I considered, briefly, enlarging the hand and forearm about 20% on the photocopier and then grafting them onto the rest of the photo to really "Neal it up" and opted  to give the whole photo more room instead).His very weird clown coat and vest, with their clashing Al Williamson plaids and stripes were also gratefully received here -- this many years later. Credit (technological) where it is due from your obedient Luddite and technophobe servant. What IS that lapel pin? Just hit the enlargement icon a few times. Oh it's a KITTY, with three little stripes on its back. The actress, Nicola Bryant, is very pretty but this photo was from an especially good angle. In the original photo, she's looking to her right, so directly at Dr Who and that just looked... weird.

(Scott and David Tipton are the writers of the series so I personalised the tracing paper to Scott and added a couple of word balloons. "No, I won't let you break up Canada" for Dr. Who who -- this one -- distinctly resembles Jean Charest the recently turfed Federalist Liberal premier of Quebec -- and for her "Are you QUITE finished?" Which is the expression she had traced directly from the photo. Which is why I shifted her gaze to her left into more of a "Well, you were ASKING for it, weren't you?" to whomever Dr. Who is gesturing mystically at.)

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adampasz said...

This one's really cool, but I'm still waiting for Dave to take on Tom Baker!