Thursday, 7 March 2013

IDW Covers: Dr Who - Prisoners Of Time #7

Dr Who - Prisoners Of Time #7 (IDW, July 2013)
Art by Dave Sim
Another very pretty actress and a bit of a challenge because of her Nordic features (particularly the lips) and being at the "no make-up needed" age. Put me in mind of Lisa Rittinger, Bob ("Boobah") Rittinger's younger sister at that age, as well, because of the "enduring into borderline adulthood baby fat" look (which is stunning in person but almost impossible to ink from a tracing without actually making her look fat -- particularly in this case with the bulky flight jacket she has on). The Dr. Who photo was selected exclusively because of the front end of the motorcycle in the foreground. An Al Williamson dream come true.

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capt.naps said...

I love this take on the seventh doctor. I'll be picking up this one just for the cover