Sunday, 13 April 2014

Happy 55th Birthday, Gerhard!

Joys Of Sailing
Art by Gerhard
(Following Cerebus #3, February 2005)


Jeff Seiler said...

Yay, Gerhard!

Yay, sailing!

And, yay, beer! (Or is that champagne?)

Anyway, I remember years ago that Gerhard offered to give a cruise to any Cerebus fan that wandered by Waterloo in the summertime. Wonder if that offer still stands? Didn't he sell his boat not too long ago?

Heh. The not-a-robot letters below include the word "lake".

Sandeep Atwal said...

Happy birthday to the guy who draws the tables and chairs behind the aardvark! BTW, just saw this on his blog, supercool:

Oliver said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to a guy who'll probably never read this! Regardless, here's hoping he's living it up.

-Wes Smith