Sunday, 14 June 2015

Family Discord

Cerebus #73: Original Cover Art (1985)
by Dave Sim & Gerhard

Original Art Auctioned for $2,800 (+15% Buyers' Premium), February 2005
Family discord is eerily symbolized by this shocking image of a framed family portrait of Cerebus, Red Sophia, and Mrs. Henrot-Gutch, with a wicked swath cut right through it. Dave Sim has signed and inscribed the page in its upper border, "To Kevin -- best wishes to you and the Turtles" (wonder who that refers to?) The image area of this page is 10" x 15", and the art is in Excellent condition. 
From the collection of Richard and Wendy Pini.


Travis Pelkie said...

Wait, Dave ... gave it? sold it? to Kevin Eastman, but the auction bit here says it's from the Wendy and Richard Pini collection? Now there's a self publishing pedigree for this piece!

Let's hope Colleen Doran or Terry Moore purchase it ;)

Jeff Seiler said...

Frankly, I just think this pedigree smells really, really off...