Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekly Update #85: "It's Been A Pretty Good Week"

Dave's update on the Cerebus Online social media experiment, the collected Puma Blues and a progress report on Cerebus Archive Number Three.


Cory Foster said...

Love the cheesy special effect!

Sandeep Atwal said...

lol...don't encourage him!

Anonymous said...

Has Dave tried to sign left handed?
Might save the right hand for drawing?

Jeff Seiler seilerjeff said...

I am in no way going to take credit for any part of the three-fold increase in Cerebus download revenues, but it is gratifying that I have been a part of the project. Now, if I could just find a way to pare down a whole printed paragraph of a letter to just one tweet, instead of (yesterday's record) one tweet and eight replies to myself...

Just keep on checking out Dave Sim and Me on Twitter!

Travis Pelkie said...

I'll comment here, although it pertains as much to the MRI post as anything.

But I think most of us here would rather Dave keep his drawing hand in shape, even if it means not getting our Archive 3 fully signed, or even if we have to wait a really long time to get them, if Dave insists on giving us the whole shebang signed.

In thinking of that, may I strongly suggest that until Dave gets an MRI and finds out exactly what is wrong with the wrist and why the physiotherapy doesn't seem to be helping, DO NOT SIGN A HUGE AMOUNT OF STUFF!

Just as Dave is (rightly) concerned that if a doctor suggests he has surgery and it butchers his hand, and he finds out down the road that it wasn't the best course of action, he should also be concerned that even though it might feel ok to sign stuff, it might not be ok.

Not being able to do the really difficult photorealism lines might be the manifestation of the injury, but it's quite possible that the actual injury occurred because of the repetitive motion of signing and signing and signing.

Just as Dave should be concerned that if he had surgery and down the road found out that wasn't the best course of action, and in fact was an irreversible course of action, he should be concerned that until he finds out what is wrong, he shouldn't risk the wrist by doing something (massive amount of signing) that he might learn down the road was actually what injured his wrist so badly. And if he keeps doing it, he might do irreparable harm to the wrist.

And none of us want that.