Friday, 2 June 2017

Weekly Update #185: Darrell Epp & The Cerebus Postcards

This week featuring:


Jeff Seiler said...

Good on yer, Dave.

Gary Boyarski said...

"Attention Millenials, Stamp Goes Here". Love it. Dave's fantastic sense of humor never fails to deliver. That one had me laughing out loud at the breakfast table while I got strange looks from the rest of my family. The Stamp Set looks quite impressive. I had no idea postcards came in such a large size. I'm looking forward to supporting the Kickstarter.

Steve said...

For whatever reason, another 'no load' video for me.


A Moment Of Cerebus said...


Why not try view Dave's Weekly Updates directly at YouTube where there is a dedicated Cerebus Online Page:

Good luck.


Lee Thacker said...

I've had the same problem for the last three updates and just watch them on YouTube now. Is it a UK thing?