Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The search for VARK THING!

Benjamin Hobbs:

A few months ago David Birdsong made this awesome cover for an upcoming CIH? one shot:

In the past two weeks, Dave Sim has started writing strips for the book.  The strips are hilarious and the book is sure to be a sell out issue.  But there's one problem.  The cover and strips utilizes a drawing Dave did on Cerebus TV years ago.  The Original drawing looks like this:
This copy of the image was found on the internet.  The resolution is fine for the web, but is WAY too small for print. SO!  If you, or someone you know, has the original artwork, or could point us in the right direction of this drawing, email for further instructions! We'd really like to have a hi-res scan of this image.

If the original artwork doesn't surface, I've made a recreation of the original image:
And the logo:
And here's a digitally colored version (in progress):

Obviously we'd prefer to use Dave's original art, so any information on it's whereabouts would be very much appreciated.

Next week: CIH? Cover comparisons PART ONE!

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