Saturday, 7 July 2018

RIP: Steve Ditko

Hi, Everybody!

AMOC was stunned to learn that Steve Ditko has passed away.
by Steve Ditko
from 'The Avenging World' (Witzend #7, 1970)

Being a huge Spider-Man fan this hurts.
Tsk! Tsk! Whatever Happened To Common Sense?
(The Comics, July 1999; reprinted in Avenging World, 2002)
by Steve Ditko  
Steve Ditko comics can be obtained from Robin Snyder at:
3745 Canterbury Lane #81, Bellingham, WA, 98225-1186, or
 SnyderandDitko [at] icloud [dot] com
All available Steve Ditko books are listed here. 
I know Dave is a big Ditko fan, so here's the Tribute/parodies I got access to:
Spider-Ham Goes Mad (2007)
Art by Dave Sim

(Ditkomania #67, August 2008)
By Dave Sim
Cerebus vs Spider-Ham (2008)
Art by Dave Sim

DitkoMania #77 (2009)
Art by Dave Sim
Your Card... (2006)
Art by Dave Sim, based on Mr. A by Steve Ditko
Mr C Minus: It's Your Choice!
Art by Dave Sim (after Steve Ditko's Mr A)

Sketch: Mr C-Minus (April 2010)
Art by Dave Sim
And then there's Ms. A.

If you click the links to the original posts, you can read what Dave thinks of Ditko.

Thanks to Tim for doing all the hard work posting this stuff originally.

I'm going to fax Dave and let him know what's happened, I'll let you guys know what (if anything) he has to say.

Next Time: Has anybody checked on Stan Lee lately?


Birdsong said...
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Lee Thacker said...

I was so disappointed that Jonathan Ross and Neil Gaiman didn't get Ditko on camera in that documentary! I remember watching it when it was originally broadcast - still a great tribute though. Dave will hopefully/undoubtedly have something to say about the great man's passing...

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Steve Ditko and thank you for all the art that made me happy.

I'm glad he resisted Gaiman and Ross, it's respectable and inspiring he stuck to his values.

A Fake Name

al said...

Ditko was hardcore. Makes/made Dave seem like a social butterfly.

Love the Ditko "hands"! An artist with integrity to the very end.

Godspeed Steve Ditko...

Tony Dunlop said...

"Ditko was hardcore." As good an epitaph as one could give, I think, and one of the many reasons I admire(d? No, present tense) him even though I am an FDR collectivist at heart. He had his ideals but unlike almost all of the rest of us, most definitely including Saint Ayn Rand, he LIVED them.

While it's hard for anyone to be *stunned* by the death of a 90 year old, anyone who loves comics and integrity must be saddened by it.

Matt, what a nice tribute. Well done.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Thanks Tony,

But it was a simple as clicking the "Steve Ditko" label and then copy/pasting what I wanted.

Tim W. Did all the hard work when he made the posts originally.


Manqueman said...

The dispute between Ditko and Lee regarding the word creator is too hair splitting for me. Worse, I'm not sure that they're both correct.
But let's use the word conceive as the same as create. If the character wasn't conceived first, then there's nothing, by Ditko's definition to create. I of course won't go into the idea that a verbal description has nothing to do with creation, that at least when it comes to comics, the creating happens with the drawing. However, if nothing's created till drawn, then, I dunno, someone who had nothing to do with conceiving can be the creator.
I dunno, maybe conceive/create was the actual problem between the two.