Saturday, 4 August 2018

Collected Letters: Me!

Hi, Everybody!

So, today let's look into Dave's "Collected Letters 2004"

Yeah, that one.
 Specifically, a letter to Me:

If you look in the index, I'm there. Right between Dostoevsky and Dragonball Z.
Which is where I belong...
Here's Dave's ACTUAL letter to me:
Click to make it big and readable.
Click to do the same. 
Okay. That's page 139.

It's also Cerebus in Matt's Life: Part the Sixth.

Page 372? That's a future Cerebus in Matt's Life.

Next Time: Not my next letter from Dave, I tell ya that much...


Anonymous said...

Nice thanks for sharing.

I think Dave's solution to the Miracle Man problem was brilliant.


A Fake Name

Jeff said...

Matt, I thought that Tim W. had put a moratorium on sharing letters from Dave at AMOC. If you have lifted that sanction, I have a recent doozy in which Dave (admittedly) shares waaaay too much information about his pre-celibacy sex life. Let me know.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


If you have something you think the readers of AMOC would want to see, send it in.

If it's a photo of that wart on your foot that you swear looks like Lord Julius, I already told you, you're on drugs.

I'll take all submissions from everybody.

(Will I POST all submissions from everybody? Hey! Whoa! Slow down cowboy. I never promised that...)

Anonymous said...

Have any of you been following the latest goings on in the indy comic world? Ethan VanSciver (artist from New X-men and Green Lantern) crowd-funded a comic, I think it hit over half-a-million dollars; has a popular youtube channel where he critiques Star Wars. A bunch of guys have had successful campaigns. Another guy who roasts comic books, Richard C. Meyer has another successfully funded comic, called them Artisanal comics I think.

Anyway, Matt, jeff, whomever heard of this? Maybe clue Dave into it, get his take on it? Could be a good article for the blog.


A Fake Name

Kit said...

Literally hundreds of existing publishers and women and brown people and aged cartoonists and women and young upstarts and women and trans people and collectives and new publishers and brown people have crowdfunded and subsequently published comics in the last decade. How curious that AFN thinks that someone else's blog should specifically cover two people who frequently organise racist and/or anti-female-reader hate campaigns, who have also crowdfunded but not actually published (AFAIAA) comics. Just an odd coincidence, I'm sure.

David Birdsong said...
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Travis Pelkie said...

David, how is Cerebus anything other than "politics in comics"? Not trying to troll or anything, but Cerebus is one of the most obvious examples of how someone's "political" (however exactly you want to define it -- I'm thinking in a "viewpoint on the world" sense here, I suppose) views inform and construct the entirety of a creative work. Without Dave's "political" views, there IS no Cerebus comic.

David Birdsong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,

This is perfectly reasonable: "Maybe clue Dave into it, get his take on it? Could be a good article for the blog."

Note, I didn't say "should." I said could and left any further decision making and inquiry for the man who runs the blog and someone else Jeff Seiler, whom is very invested in the work of Dave Sim (and Jimmy Buffet).

From Kit: "Literally hundreds of existing publishers and women and brown people and aged cartoonists and women and young upstarts and women and trans people and collectives and new publishers and brown people have crowdfunded..."

---That's fine, I don't know "literally hundreds" I only pointed out whom I have heard of regarding the indy scene. If you believe others are worthy of Dave Sim's notice and a potential article for this blog please make some recommendations.

Again from Kit: Just an odd coincidence, I'm sure.

---No, coincidence, whatever one may think or say of Dave Sim, I think most would agree he did his best to remain independent. I saw independent creators and thought a blog that goes through content faster than shit through a goose would perhaps appreciate this angle but would not assume Matt nor Jeff nor whomever would have heard of Mr. Van Sciver or Mr. Meyer, nor that they would think it an appropriate topic one way or the other.

Since Dave Sim doesn't go online, he could very well be unaware as well. I'm glad I brought it up and am curious what Matt (or you) or Jeff or anyone here would think of it.

I trust Matt's judgment that the blog would not be overrun with "non-Dave Sim/Cerebus/Gehard" content.

---Mr Birdsong, I appreciate your perspective.

My focus was on the independent angle regardless of anyone's politics.


A Fake Name

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

David B.: If you think Marvel or DC creates anything "to fill some kind of quota-based, perceived injustice," then you're on drugs. The only reason they do anything is because they're chasing dollars. What it means is that they think there's a paying audience for these comics. Dave himself repeatedly scoffed at the very idea that Marvel or DC would possess such a thing as ethics.

Kit: AFN's comments here are entirely consistent with his character.

-- Damian

Jeff said...

Well, thanks for taking me down THAT rabbit hole. From the limited info I could find on Van Sciver (aside from mainstream comics work), it appears that the primary problem that Kit has with him is that he self-identifies in his bio on Wikipedia as being a Republican. As to Meyer, I listened to a lengthy...podcast?, video?, blog? which he gave some reasonable, relatively even-handed critiques of SJW views being splashed across mainstream comics. And, I agree with him that the use of the feminist term "mansplaining" in mainstream comics (or elsewhere) by the writers (presumably females) is sexist.

Kit, give me some solid examples of, as you put it, "women and brown people [writers and artists], and aged cartoonists, and young upstarts, and new publishers, and collectives [whatever they are--not familiar with that p.c. term]" who are putting out consistently aesthetically pleasing art (as in, they can draw something other than angular bodies) and well-told, compelling stories, in print, and I will check them out.

But, if all they are interested in doing is making Statement art and writing Statement stories, in order to satisfy their Social Justice Warriors friends and audience, count me out. Unless, as I said, it contains aesthetically pleasing art and well-structured, compelling stories.

I'm guessing Dave might agree with me, but that's just me guessing.

Thanks for stopping by our little sideshow, Kit.

Jack said...

I listened to part of the guy's Star Wars thing too. "SJWs are going to humiliate Yoda in the next movie! This is a war for the heart and soul of Star Wars!" Haha, soldier on, Yoda Protectors.

Jack said...

"Genderqueer I am. Privilege you must check."


Kit said...

I have never read Ethan van Sciver's Wikipedia, but if he's written it himself, then it contravenes Wikipedia's policies.

Given Jeff's inference that I was referring obliquely to something I've never read, and not directly to the specific actions I typed about, I'll elect not to take in good faith his expressed openness to track down, purchase and read a lot of comics not readily available via Diamond, though I share the implied support for print publishing.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Isn't Yoda a fictional character?

-- Damian

Jeff said...

No, Kit, I was serious. I really just barely follow mainstream comics or, for that matter, most indie comics. Thus, if you can name some titles written and or drawn by the kinds of people you specified, which titles contain aesthetically pleasing art and well-structured, compelling stories (you know--a beginning, middle, and end, not just SJW messages {or, MESSAGES}), then I will try to find them and give them a chance. Of course, comics with well structured, compelling stories and aesthetically pleasing art *usually* sell enough copies that they make it into Previews, even though I wouldn't be aware of them, as I don't read Previews.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Given Jeff's previous comments in this thread, and the conditions he imposes here, I suspect that (as usual) he is not acting in good faith.

-- Damian

Jeff said...

Damian, I always act (write, compose, type, speak) in good faith. It's just one of the reasons why I am (nearly) universally reviled.

You know; kinda like Dave.

I am the old truth-teller (but not *actually* the Devil). Most people can't stand that. It's why my brother (who lives in Arkansas) and I argued all weekend, while we were in Kansas City, MO.

It's also why Gerhard is currently (but, hopefully not for long, annoyed at me.)

I see what happens and, then, I report it.

It's a very good way to collect enemies and former friends. But it's the only way in which I know how to live. You know, kinda like Dave.

Just sayin'.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Jeff S.: Also kinda like Dave, your view of yourself does not jibe with your actions and character as displayed to the world.

-- Damian