Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Vark Wars 2: Electric Bugaloo!

Hi, Everybody!

More of the Vark Wars:

So, as we worked on the Vark Wars, Your Friend and Mine, (and Superman's Frenemy) David Birdsong sent me:
I've included four more strips.  First is the three part story of an actor getting way too into his role, Cerebus getting pissed and then the poor guy forgets who he's playing.

The last one today I just had to do.  I was the biggest Queen fan when I was a teenager and it broke my heart when Freddie put down Star Wars.  Years later it's easy to make fun of the whole thing.  We are such DEDICATED believers when we're young.
If you click them, they get "Yuge"...

BUT, it turns out David PRESUMED that Freddie Mercury didn't like the Star Wars, it turns out however, that Freddie Mercury LOVED the Star Wars. (I got proof.)

And then, our ol' pal Ben Hobbs chimed in on Everybody's Friend Sean Robinson's "Star Wars on Ice" idea:
So a quick Google of the phrase "Star Wars on Ice" turns up results for "Disney on Ice STAR WARS lightsaber show."  Which means that doing a comic called "Star Wars on Ice" (or a story by that name)  may be less parody and more...copyright infringement. 
I'd suggest sticking with calling the book VARK WARS and opening on the VARK WARS logo. 
Also, I'm a little  unclear how the phrase "Star wars on Ice" relates to the strips I've seen. Aside from being a funny non-sequitur.

We could clarify the ON ICE idea with some IFC text that could look something like:

 VARK WARS EPISODE WHATEVER  "It is a dark time in the INFERNAL REALMS.  The only available copies of STAR WARS are on BETAMAX...and DANTE won't let anyone borrow his BETAMAX player.
"In an act of rebellion, THE INFERNAL REALMS COMMUNITY THEATER TROOP lead by CEREBUS are putting on a production of STAR WARS...on ICE!
"Little do they know that STARS WARS was bought by DISNEY seven years ago, and their license to perform STAR WARS on ICE has expired!  The LAWYERS are slowly closing in on the small band of ice-capades performers..."
Just a thought.

Next Time: Hobbs is off, 'cause I'm running more Vark Wars (specifically where "Star Wars on Ice" comes into it.)  (Oh, and Jingles, for Jeff...)


Steve said...

Why wouldn't you want to time this to to be available on Star Wars Day -- May the 4th?


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Because December of 2019 is when Episode 9 hits. I don't think May fourth will bring as many eyeballs.

Maybe for the sequel, "Var Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back".