Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Your Vark Wars

Hi, Everybody!

The Vark Wars

As promised yesterday, VARK WARS SUBMISSIONS!!!

First up is Jeff Seiler, who sent in:
Hi, David!  I know you wanted a script, but right now I just have an idea. Thus:

Panel 3: The line from Han after Luke shot down a Tie fighter, "Great shootin', kid! But don't get cocky."

Panel 4: Close-up of Cerebus, wearing the Batvark codpiece, no text.

I'll work on it. Just wanted to be the first in with it.

 Which Everybody's Friend (and Superman's Frenemy) David Birdsong managed to turn into:
Click for biggerness
Then David Branstetter sent in like Six strips, which makes him... the THIRD AMOC Special Friend Of The Day:
Suitable for Framing.
Unfortunately, most of his strips deal with sequels or prequels, so the Powers-That-Be are gonna sit on them until we do More Vark Wars (if the first one sells!) But he still got these two in:
Click for biggerness

Click for biggerness
And then Oliver Simonsen, posted a couple of strips to the Cerebus Facebook Group, and I scooped them up. And we tweaked one of 'em to give you:

Want bigger SODAR Dave? Click.
Okay, if you think you can do better, or if you think you could make one of these better, send your Submissions/Comments/Chocolate Cake Recipes to: thevarkwars@gmail.com 

Next Time: Do you have a moment (heh.) to talk about Cerebus and Hobbs?


Tony Dunlop said...

That last one's a keeper. Davus ex machina 'n shit.

Ibis said...


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Ah, but which one?

We have three different versions (basically with different Aftergags.)


Tony again said...

Well? Are you gonna post the other 2?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Gee Tony,

What'll I post next Tuesday then?


Tony one more time said...