Friday, 30 November 2018

When Set Design calls... (Dave's Weekly Update #263)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

Comicslink is here, contradicting Dave, they end on the fourth.

The Kickstarter for the birthday card. By "final moments," Dave must mean, "two weeks" because the Kickstarter ends on December 14th.

And I can't find any "Dark Class" TV shows, but "Deadly Class" is set in 1987, and they filmed in Vancouver. And "Lost Innocence " is from the Deadly Class comic. It's Deadly Class.

And if you wanna get in on the Vark Wars, ya gots a few hours left. All submissions to

Next Time: Who wants to talk about Cirin?


Paul Slade said...

For another example of how over-cautious TV production companies' lawyers can be, scroll down to the Pretty Polly item here:

Steve said...

And just in case y'all missed it, there's also page #13 of issue #31 up for auction on ComicLink as well -- just not via Dave.

Wonderful page, too.


David Birdsong said...
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Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


The kids are training to be assassins.


David Birdsong said...
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Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


It's a comic. I read the first trade and thought it was alright.

The Comic shop shows up in the second trade (issues 7 and 9 if you're a fan of floppies,).

I don't think the set is gonna get used much, after issue 9, I can't imagine the characters go back.


Jeff said...

Sounds like somebody's piggy-backing on the (well-deserved) success of "Stranger Things".

vancouverizer said...

This thing is filming at my local shop: "The Comic Shop" on 4th in Vancouver.

This time (the second time they have closed for this) is Dec 2 thru 5th. That's 1/2 a week and yet another Wednesday (ouch) and new comic shipments are still not coming in for reasons undeclared.

My speculation is that this is a quick cash grab before the absentee owner shuts things down. Store management seems to have no communication with them (and it's the owner making these deals with the studio). Hopefully things work out, but regulars are worried.

See post here that includes exterior shot of the store with the sign from the show:

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Ha! Been a few months since I've been to "The ComicShop", or any comics shop, but it's the one I always go to when I do. I'd no idea about any of this. Thanks for the tip!

-- Damian