Monday, 3 December 2018

"The Deadly Class"

Hi, Everybody!

Comicslink is here, they end tomorrow.

The Kickstarter for the birthday card. You got eleven days. And I asked if you could buy more than one signed and personalized card, and Dave said, "Sure." Then I asked:

But I have a follow-up to Dave: is there a limit? Meaning, say somebody who proves the old adage that "a fool and his money we're lucky to get together in the first place" wants to buy 25 signed and personalized cards for everyone whose address he has, would Dave send Grandma Tilly a card ("who the hell is Dave Adams? And what's a Neal Sim?" -Grandma Tilly, 97 years young, around August 23rd 2019)? Or is this one of those "let's be reasonable fellas" deals?
Just wondering,
To which Dave replied: 

"No limit, but I am a notorious deeply closeted "Tillyist" so you might need a court order for that one."
So, if you got "more money than brains" and an addressbook just chock full o' nuts you wanna send a Neal Adams' Cerebus card (signed and personalized by Dave Sim) to for their birthday, you got eleven days .
Anyway, as Dave said on Friday,  he sent a signed UK Tour poster to Sean B., the set designer for a TV show called "Dark Class" (which has to be the show Deadly Class).

Which is based on the comic Deadly Class.

Which (thanks to my friend The Comic Book Man (Thanks Nick!),) I have the first six trades of.

The comic shop, Lost Innocence Comics, shows up in issue #7:

Here's the only shot of the interior from issue 7
And again in issue 9:

The next few pages detail an incident with a burrito, a bowling shirt, and the kind of crappy bathroom that one only finds in the classiest of comic book shops, that results in Marcus being fired and banned from the store.

If you wanna see it, buy a copy of issue #9, or the second trade. I'm not posting it. I don't wanna ruin the surprise.

Next Time: Cirin, I swear, Cirin. Seriously.


Tony Dunlop said...

Based on what Dave said in the Update, I'm guessing there'll be no Watchmen clock on the wall in the TV show...

David Birdsong said...
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Sean R said...

I really dig the art!