Thursday, 28 February 2019

Leftovaries Feast Fer Evryone Eltz

Dave Sim's 22nd Cerebus notebook covers Cerebus #186 to 201 and had 71 pages scanned. We last saw a page from it just last month in The Artist and the Princess. Many of the pages in it were walls of text, but here is one that has a preliminary drawing for Cerebus #201, page 4:

Notebook #22, page 64
There are no word balloons in the preliminary drawing of the page, but the text of the sign is pretty close to the text of the sign in the finished page.

Cerebus #201, p. 4
The only other thing missing is Gerhard's backgrounds, which you can see on the finished page. And yes, on the notebook page if you click and zoom in, you can see the pencils under the marker and also the smoke appears to be white out.


Tony Dunlop said...

This reminds me that I REALLY, REALLY need to get hold of Eddie Campbell's Bacchus books. I recently discovered him via "Alec" and he's instantly become one of my cartooning heroes.

Jeff said...

"Alec" is my favorite Eddie Campbell collection, as well as my favorite doorstop!