Monday, 11 May 2020

The unrealistic Origin of Vincent Van Dow...

Hi, Everybody!

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Fundraising Edition, if you'd like to get a copy of the book a year(? or more?) before it goes to press AND at the same time, fund Dave's California sales trip (rescheduled for whenever California opens for business), mail a check for fifty dollars American to :
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
Or, go to (where you can still get "The Best Deal in Comics" all 16 volumes for $99 Canadian!) and click the one time donation button (there are three of them $1 $5 $10, click any of them, and adjust the quantity to $75 (or $80 if you're using the $10 one,) (the price is higher because uses Canadian monies...) Then send an email to to let him know how you want your name spelled. This ends on May 31st.

And if you agree that a 9.4 slabbed copy of Cerebus #1 is insane to buy for EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!! You can back the Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1 (which is already funded, at this point more money means more extras.) Twenty-two days until the campaign ends. The most recent update:
Hello everyone, 
Today we passed the $20,000 mark which unlocks the additional 2 Cerebus: High Society trading cards. Everyone who pledges will receive these along with everything else previously unlocked! If you have pledged for all 3 variants: RED, GOLD and PLATINUM, then you will receive all 7 trading cards available in this campaign! The next stretch goal is $30,000, which unlocks a Cerebus mini-comic that we are developing. We will post pictures and more details as we finalize the plans. 
Stay tuned for more updates and surprises! 
Thank you for your support!

Starting on the fourteenth, Dave and Ger art for sale.

And The Coronavirus Trilogy: CRISIS IN INFINITE QUARANTINE, BATVARK: CORONAVIRUS, SUPER CEREBUS VS COVID-19, and the fourth part from Free Comic Book Day: The League of Extraordinary Corona. And the Daily Cerebus in Hell? strips. Which have been written and assembled for you at no cost, so if you wanna maybe buy some High Society Red State buttons, or Blue State buttons that'd be great. Supplies are limited, when they're gone they're gone. And, word 'round the campfire is that Diamond is opening and shipping around May 20th, either way, Green Dante/Green Virgil is the next Cerebus in Hell issue to ship.

So, for this month's Please Hold For Dave Sim, instead of the usual cartoon strip, I did a painting instead.
Process photos here.

But why did I decide to do a painting instead of the hilarious wacky strips I've done for months?

It's all the wife's fault. 

A local place called Glaze & Paint was offering a kit that had paint, brushes, a 8X10 canvas, a birdhouse, and a ceramic squirrel (don't ask.)

So, since I just had a canvas laying around...

I decided to do a painting of this:

This is one of the trading cards you'll get if you back the Remastered Cerebus #1 Kickstarter.

And then over in the Facebook group when I posted about the Kickstarter, everybody started asking for specific additional rewards that I have no control of since I'm not running the Kickstarter, I'm just promoting it because that's kinda what I do, and then:
Will Ferrell is a GIF where he's doing the "gimme" hand gesture

Larry wanted the Roach in the rain from High Society:

Which I did:
You can see photos of the process here.
Who did it better? (don't answer that...)
And Margaret wanted Cerebus from High Society:

Which I did:
Process here.
And because I had left over gray paint, I did one a panel from one of the top five sequences in the series, an image from Church & State 1:

Process photos here.
Since nobody commissioned this one, it is for sale. If you're interested, drop a comment, or email me at It's a 7X5 canvas. 

And if there is an image from Cerebus you'd like me to recreate for you as a painting. Same deal, comment or email. Let me know what size painting you'd want, what image, and how much you want to pay (this ain't a charity...), if I'm not ridiculously offended, we can work out a deal. My turnaround time is surprisingly fast (usually a few hours).

Okay, Thanks for stopping by!

Next Time: "Celebrate Good times, come on!"


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Can u please make an article about who is Sofiya Azaria. Why she says what she says?
Coz u seem to have a lot of good skills to do so.

Anonymous said...

Scuze. Making the unarticulated comment, you are. Becoming clear, you possible could make?

Jeff said...

Hi, Matt! Can you do a Joe Cerebus behind or beside a podium for me? I've page of original art from Cerebus (no, no, no, don't be stupid, Jeff), $17 and 43 cents, a stick of gum, and some pocket lint. Deal?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Anonymous 1: um...I blog about a Canadian comic that ended 16 years ago, so..."no"?

Anonymous 2: Yoda?

Jeff: swapsies for original art? Sure, how big you want it?


Jeff said...

So, it's the contents of my right pocket, then? Um, howzabout 8 1/2 X 11?

Anonymous said...

Scuze? Am not cogitating what an "Yoda" is being. Am, however, contemplating about that "who is being Sofiya Azaria?" is soon to becoming most asked interrogative at this podcast not later, but sooner. As the instigator at this podcast is liking very good to be house painting, possible it could be that the instigator might be liking to paint her visage?

Tony Dunlop said...

The riff seems to be Skorz, not Yoda...

Anonymous said...

Yahtzee. You are being correct, sir.