Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The ol' AMOC Mailbag wants you to Netflix and Chill, Gerhard has another reason to come visit me, and a new contest.

Hi Everybody!

At the request of Michael R. (from Easton, PA.) Please Hold For Dave Sim.

And if you missed the Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, there's an Indiegogo. It ends sometime Thursday(?), so "git 'em fer dey gone!!!"

So Dave faxed me: 

So, I'ma gonna institute another AMOC contest. First person to watch I Am Not Your Negro and send in a picture of the Cerebus graffiti wins a signed copy of Vark Wars (the first one. Signed by me.) and a prototype of the bookmark from the Kickstarter for the remastered Cerebus #1. And they get to be Special Friend of the Day (and really doesn't that make the other prizes irrelevant?).

"A Matt, aren't YOU A Moment of Cerebus?"

Actually, no. When Tim left, I told him I think twitter is full of the evil spirits of dead nuns, so he still runs the tweeter account.

Anyway, I responded:
I should send him pictures of the Frank Lloyd Wright house down the road from me...

(I've been there for parties when I was little. My mom knew the previous owners.) (And it is located just down the road from the AMOC Cave.)

If you want a bigger picture:
Click here.
More of this sort of thing here. Specifically here.

AND, if those weren't "Moment" enough for you:
Original Comic Art:Panel Pages, Dave Sim glamourpuss #3 Partial Page 21 Illustration Rip Kirby
More info here.
Original Comic Art:Covers, Dave Sim Cerebus #30 Cove...
More info here.
Original Comic Art:Panel Pages, Dave Sim glamourpuss #1 Partial Page 8 Illustration Rip Kirby ...
More info here.
Original Comic Art:Splash Pages, Dave Sim glamourpuss #14 ...
More info here.
Boy I wish I had money...I'd buy the cover, and stay at Frank's place down the road for my birthday.

Next Time: Hobbs, then Margaret, then Dave, then me, then Oliver, then me again, then me again, then Hobbs. It's a vicious cycle...

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Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Michael R. of Easton, Pennsylvania is our winner. Official announcement on Friday.

Congratulations Michael. Feel free to use this victory to get petty revenge on all the people who said you'd never amount to anything...

"Top o' the World, MA!"