Saturday 3 December 2011

The Masters Of Comic Book Art

The Masters Of Comic Book Art VHS, front and back cover (1987)
Director Ken Viola

Meet the heroes behind the superheroes as award-winning author Harlan Ellison introduces ten of the world's greatest comic book artists. Exclusive interviews and samples of their sensational art reveal the philosophy and creative process behind their finest characters, stories and series. Trace the evolution of comics - from the 'Golden Age' beginning in the '30s to today's best selling graphic novels - with The Masters Of Comic Book Art, featuring:
Will Eisner (The Spirit, A Contract With God)
Harvey Kurtzman (Mad, Little Annie Fanny)
Jack Kirby (The Silver Surfer, The New Gods)
Steve Ditko (Spider-Man, Mr A)
Neal Adams (The Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow)
Berni Wrightson (Swamp Thing, Frankenstein)
Moebius (Arzak, Heavy Metal)
Frank Miller (Ronin, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)
Dave Sim (Cerebus The Aardvark)
Art Spiegelman (Maus, RAW Magazine)

In return for participating in The Masters Of Comic Book Art, director Ken Viola gave Dave Sim and Gerhard free tickets to see Eric Clapton at the Ritz Club in New York. Dave, sitting fifteen feet from the stage, couldn't believe his luck when Eric announced, "I'd like to introduce a blood brother of mine, Mr. Keith Richards." Dave details the full story of what happened that night in Note From The President in Cerebus #91 (October 1986).
Back cover, Cerebus #92 (November 1986)

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