Sunday, 4 December 2011

J. Michael Straczynski

Following Cerebus # 7 (2006)
Art by Dave Sim
(from the essay 'Dave Sim: Marathon Man' in Following Cerebus #7, 2006)
[Dave Sim] won over the publishing schedules, detractors, critics, people who said it couldn't be done, people who said it shouldn't be done, people who saw misogyny where there was only commentary, who saw indulgence where there was determination, who saw creative control as egocentrism, who saw an individual voice at work and declared it conceit.

...Year after year, month after (more or less) month, Cerebus made me laugh and think and kept me sane. And it showed me something very important: that you could tell one long story over a period of years, across hundreds of issues, and not only could readers follow it, the subtleties and nuances layered on over the course of those years would add a breathtaking degree of subtext and context to everything that happened.

And this was an important thing for me to learn.

Back issues of Following Cerebus are still available from Win-Mill Production.

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