Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch & Roy Thomas on Glamourpuss

The 'Photo-Realism' School: Alex Raymond, Stan Drake, Al Williamson & Neal Adams
From Glamourpuss #1, 6 & 11
Art by Dave Sim

STEVE BISSETTE (Swamp Thing, Tyrant):
(from the Back & Forth discussion with Dave Sim)
My excitement at Glamourpuss when I saw the first issue (and thank you, too, for the special unsolicited mailing of the zombie cover issue; I never thanked you when you sent it, which was my bad) was the gobsmacking fact that you were (a) doing an essay on inking in comics form, and (b) you were teaching. Of course, you’d been actually doing that for a long time - I was among your most bone-headed students, remember? - but you didn’t see it as such. Clearly, The Cerebus Guide to Self-Publishing (in all its incarnations and editions) was and is that, too. And a mighty fine, insightful teacher you’ve been in Glamourpuss, too. It was a pleasure to catch up last year on the whole run to date, and see where you took it (I don’t have a local comics shop, and finally just direct-ordered a set from your publisher and partners on this venture).

RICK VEITCH (Brat Pack, The One):
(from the Glamourpuss #2 letters page)
Hey Dave, thanks for sending the preview copy of Glamourpuss. Parts of it really spoke to me. I mean that not in the old log-rolling manner of buddy-buddy authors promoting each other's books, but that your meditations on exploring craft REALLY SPOKE TO ME. Glamourpuss is the first comic to unpack process from the inside out. It stands apart from Scott McCloud who is on the outside looking in (if that makes sense). One thing about Raymond and those who followed him, is that they were unabashed ladies men. I've always seen their fluid brush and linework as a zen-like extension of their innate horniness. So I've got to ask, since you've gone public with your own celibacy, if that lust factor plays any part in your approach to mastering the Raymond style?

ROY THOMAS (comics writer/editor):
(from the back-cover of Glamourpuss #1)
Dave has taken his fascination with the modern style of fashion art and photography and utilises it in issue #1 to examine the Alex Raymond/Rip Kirby school of comic art, with a few side trips along the way involving too-tight shoes, sweat glands, and Mahatma Gandhi. Hopefully, he's found a way to seduce a new generation of post-super-hero graphic novel freaks into reading and perhaps synthesising his knowledge and opinions while they think they're just looking at a bunch of fashion models in exquisite clothes. And all because of his self-stated intention to make his new major post-Cerebus project "cute teenaged girls in [his] best Al Williamson photo-realism style."

Back issues of Glamourpuss are always available from ComiXpress.

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