Friday, 30 March 2012

Ditkomania: Ever-Lovin' Ayn Rand

Ditkomania: Ever-Lovin' Ayn Rand (2008)
Art by Dave Sim

(from Strange & Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko, Fantagraphics Books, 2008)
More than anyone, the diminutive female philosopher and writer Ayn Rand defined Ditko's professional and personal life. His adherence to Rand's philosophy, known as Objectivism, forever changed his outlook on morality, finances and his mission as a comic-book creator. By immersing himself in Rand's teachings, Ditko started down a path that, ironically, would lead him away from a life of riches and fame... Her philosophy was based on the principles of rationalism and individualism, and a belief that art should mirror one's personal beliefs. She popularised the phrase "A is A" - that man's consciousness should be devoted to perceiving reality, not inventing or creating it.

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