Sunday 4 March 2012

Recommended: Strangehaven

(from the introduction to Strangehaven Vol 1: Arcadia, January 1998)
It is so very rare, you see, when you are in the business to find a story that can absorb all your attentions when it arrives in the mailbox. So very rare to find a story where you can just drop right back in and pick up the thread of the story and find out "what happened next" -- knowing full well that the author is going to raise more questions than he answers in the course of the current instalment. Or maybe trade you one-for-one as reader. For every answer you get another question. To me, anyway, those questions are far more interesting and far more intriguing than any questions I might have of what goes on behind the painted scenery and what everything and everyone was before Gary made it his own in the pages of the book you are about to read.

Strangehaven Vol 1-3 by Gary Spencer Millidge is available to buy from Top Shelf Productions.

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