Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Mutants #52

New Mutants #52 (Marvel, June 1987)
Art by Bill Sienkiewicz
Many thanks to Jay for posting this comment in response to yesterday's post about X-Men #160:
[The S'ym character in X-Men #160] always seemed vague (at best). While obviously the name is a poke at Dave, Sym looks NOTHING like Cerebus. He wears a vest. That's all. Even Bill Sienkiewicz, who was friendly with Dave at the time, and drew Sym in a few New Mutants issues, seems to have NOT got the memo that Sym was anything even vaguely Cerebus-esque. Only years later when he did a cover had this assertion (somehow) hit him, hence the actually, and only, Cerebusish-Sym on New Mutants cover #52.


Margaret said...

Nice catch! I never noticed it before, but that snout, that hair, those ears. . .it does look like my fave aardvark!

adampasz said...

Wow. Never seen that before. I love that cover. 2 of my favorite characters in comics!

Eric Hoffman said...

Should have been obvious before but wasn't. Great eye!