Sunday, 3 June 2012

More Celebrity Kickstarter Supporters

(via Twitter, 28-29 May 2012)
It's the great under-rated masterpiece of comics, imho. Sure, Dave's a little crazy, but he's a crazy *genius*... if you do start at the beginning, be patient. It gets much MUCH better over time... For most of it, the strongest, smartest, most interesting characters are the women... Even if nothing else, Sim is one of the greatest formal experimenters in comics. Once he gets warmed up, it's breathtaking... I love how for $10,000 Dave Sim will stay at your house for a weekend.

(via Twitter, 30 May 2012)
Amazing! ...I should clarify that. I think it's amazing that technophobe Dave is doing a Kickstarter. But it's also a good cause!

(via Twitter, 30 May 2012)
Regardless of opinions of Dave Sim's personal beliefs, his premiere place in comic book history is beyond dispute... Sim's indisputable place in comics history is as businessman, visual artist and lettering visionary.

(via Kickstarter and Twitter, 1 June 2012)
Cerebus is one of the top five most important works in funnybook history, and by setting the number at five, I suspect I'm being quite charitable to at least three entries in any given list. Try to imagine what our comic industry today might be like had Cerebus never existed and you'd have to envision an uncrossable wasteland, lacking hundreds of key oasis's inspired and nurtured by this one monumental work... The entirety of Cerebus going digital? Yes please.

(via Kickstarter Update #7, 1 June 2012)
Kevin Eastman of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame has jumped on board and will be collaborating with Dave Sim to create an exclusive Kickstarter Campaign Print available to everyone who pledges over $50. It's going to have all 4 turtles plus "Matisse" the unknown turtle! The prints will be signed by both Dave Sim and Kevin Eastman!!

(via Twitter, 30 May/4 June 2012)
Pretty excited by this Digital Cerebus Kickstarter... I think it just launched like a few hours ago. Check it out. Seems pretty interesting. More than just digital comics... If you haven't seen it already, check out this Kickstarter for digitizing Dave Sim's Cerebus... Very happy to support Dave and the cause... This is your reminder that the digitizing Cerebus Kickstarter is still going and is important for Comics.

You too can support Dave Sim's project to digitise all 6,000 pages of Cerebus by making a Kickstarter pledge. Only 26 days to go!

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