Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Elephantmen #42

Elephantmen #42: Sleeping Partners Part 1 (of 3)
by Richard Starkings, Alex Medellin & Dave Sim
Image Comics, $3.99
On Sale 15 August 2012

Sleeping Partners Part 1 - Sahara is pregnant, Panya is pregnant... and their lives are at risk.

(from a review at One Geek Nation by Josh Pierce, 14 August 2012)
...This book is fantastic, stellar, and out of this world... The artwork is divine especially the Dave Sim segment in the beginning of the issue. Say what you will about Dave Sim, the guy has a chock full of talent and he continues to prove it time and time again... 5 Stars.

(from a review at UTF, 14 August 2012)
...The character is in a coma, and it is here that Elephantmen #42 really shines. This segment is very well detailed, with lots of care going into showing the private thoughts and world of a troubled character. Ebony’s narration is very well written, the repetition of “there’s a sword in my hand” lingers even after reading. As for the artwork itself, the detail in this section stands out completely. The detail and effort gone into Ebony's skin gives the impression of an old and tired warrior. Likewise, the blowing snow and surroundings add a certain vibrancy to an otherwise dark section of the plot. It all adds up to a rather insightful and deep reveal of a character’s inner thoughts... 4 Stars.

(from a review at Fanboy Comics by Jason Enright, 14 August 2012)
Elephantmen is the best book you aren't reading right now. That's a real shame, because everybody should be reading it. Sure, it's a weird, high concept book filled with sex and violence, but when you pull back those layers, it's a really wonderful, emotional story about flawed people trying to do their best... Elephantmen #42 is a good jumping-on point for the next arc, and if you like it, Elephantmen is collected in a series of trade paperbacks that are packed with content and very reasonably priced. Pick up this awesome series, and, even better, add the future issues to your pull list.

(from a review at Red-Headed Mule, 3 September 2012)
WOW. I am always amazed when I open a new issue... Ebony’s dream sequence in this issue... there are no words. The art drawn by Dave Sim is so highly detailed that I found myself staring at it for over 30 minutes. It’s visually stunning.

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Anonymous said...

When first I saw this in my email, I thought "WTF?". I've never read Elephantmen, although I remember Sim discussing it at length back when he was a blogger (or, the first time he was). So, out of curiosity, I clicked on the image and thought, "what a nice, understated, homage to Cerebus." Little did I realize, until reading the reviews above, that this was drawn, inked and probably colored by Sim. Maybe written, too. . . .The jewel in the hilt of the sword; the medallions; the raptor image in the medallions; yea, even, the elephant surmounting the rock wall: All very reminiscent of the best independent comic series ever produced. Nice. Job. Dave!