Monday, 13 August 2012

HARDtalk: The Dave Sim Interview (17)

I'd be curious to hear Dave Sim talk about his choice to end glamourpuss; whether the satire portion had become a creative straight-jacket or artistic dead-end (Speaking for myself, it was incredibly frustrating that half or the book was some of the best comics I've read, and the other half often a tedious slog), if he considered continuing the series and expanding the Raymond material, or relaunching with it as the book's sole focus, and if there was a concern that the decision may alienate the audience.

Yes, it's absolutely the artist's right to distribute his work as he sees fit, but as someone who supported the book from the beginning the abrupt cancellation left a bad taste in my mouth. I presume the 7 or so issues worth of Raymond material from glamourpuss will be reprinted in the The Strange Death of Alex Raymond; as a fan who invested nearly a hundred dollars in those 7 or so issues worth over the past few years, the presumption that I'll be willing to buy those comics again (Great though they may be) to get to the resolution rankles.

Hope that didn't come over as too gripey, I've really enjoyed these questions and answers.

Not at all. The customer is always right. Anyone who wants to return their issues of glamourpuss to Box 1674 for a full refund (plus a refund of the postage costs incurred in sending them back) is welcome to do so. Present cash flow being what it is if a LOT of people choose to do so, I might have to refund the money at the same rate I received it -- 18 dollars a year over four years. But as long as it's just a handful of people, I'll be happy to send a cheque for $75 US plus your postage costs.

Likewise if you just want to clip out the History of Photorealism pages and return the other half of the book -- I'll be glad to refund you $37.50 plus postage costs.

Cerebus #266 (May 2001)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard
And we have a related question from Tim to use as a cliffhanger:

What prompted you to finish working mid-series on glamourpuss and Cerebus Archive, as well as your internet TV series Cerebus TV? Was it an economic decision based on low sales, were you clearing the decks for the Kickstarter Campaign, or something else? Was it difficult for you to call time on these incomplete projects having invested so much of your time and energy in them?

Yikes! Will Dave's mood improve by tomorrow or will Tim be claiming a glamourpuss refund? Tune in tomorrow. SAME Moment Of Cerebus Time! SAME Moment Of Cerebus Channel!


M Kitchen said...

Wow. That's a very generous offer that I hope NOBODY take him up on.

Making funny-books is hard enough as it is.

layne said...

Not that I was anticipating "Go 'way kid, yer botherin' me," but boy howdy, that was not the response I was expecting.