Sunday 5 May 2013

Cerebus On The Berlin Wall

Photo: inside backcover, Cerebus #127 (October 1989)
(from Aardvark Comment, Cerebus #127, October 1989)
Here it is! The long ago promised and finally delivered, just in time to be torn down, Cerebus on the Berlin Wall graffiti piece. Conveniently located below a manned East German guard tower. Cerebus is mere yards to the right of Checkpoint Charlie. This was the easiest accomplished piece yet, for it resides in a no-man's-land. The Wall technically belongs to East Germany (everything past that sign in one of the photos that says YOU ARE LEAVING THE AMERICAN SECTOR, is East German), and so it is beyond Western jurisdiction. The East German police, however, never come to that side of the Wall. At most, they can photograph you vandalising the Wall, if they have the vantage point, and then deny you entry to East Germany. Of course this is all quickly becoming moot. Cerebus felt enclosed and now the Wall is coming down. East Germans are flooding through and buying every drop of beer at Burger Kings... I was going to make some kind of witty connection between aardvarks and Burger King beer or something, but I stopped typing this letter to watch Polanski's REPULSION and I'm no longer in a humorous mood. So I'll just go on to say that some friends in Berlin recently found my graffiti on a postcard. Just think, Cerebus on postcards being sold in German tourists shops! The graffiti piece, by the way, says DORM which is my name (graffiti name that is) in German.
Photo: inside backcover, Cerebus #127 (October 1989)

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