Thursday, 16 May 2013

Happy 57th Birthday, Dave Sim!

(Click image to enlarge)
(from Aardvark Comment, Cerebus #39, June 1982)
Photograph used in Kitchener-Waterloo Record in a story about forged Cerebus #1s. That's an authentic one that I'm holding by the way. Wave to Deni behind the door. Hi Deni.


Carma said...

Awww ... that's a cute picture of a younger Dave!

Adam Ell said...

Congratulations Mr. Sim!

M Southall said...

The official first person story about the real vs. counterfeit #1 Cerebus and the creative story behind the production of #1 was told in one of the most popular CerebusTV episodes, ever.

Anybody want us to make this episode available for a donation via DVD?

Contact us at http://Cerebus.TV if interested.

L nny Cooper said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dave!!!