Friday, 31 May 2013

Art Auction: The Colonized #1

The Colonized #1 (IDW, April 2012)
Art by Dave Sim
Sold: $450 (+19.5% BP)
Chris [Ryall, IDW Editor-In-Chief] said that he was doing a creator-owned 4-issue mini-series called THE COLONIZED and was I interested in doing the covers? He described Drew Moss' designs as "a kind of '50s Wally Wood sci-fi aesthetic... in brief, aliens and zombies and militia men... I always like something that can be a good representation of the series, since the image often has to function as both an ad for the series and also the eventual trade paperback design... I envision a big, bold 1950s blocky "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE!" sort of treatment that clues people in to the tone of this (it's largely played straight, not for laughs). And he offered me 50% of my cover rate if I would draw the logo. Read the full article here...

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