Thursday, 2 January 2014

Reunion At The Regency

Reunion At The Regency (2011)
by Dave Sim
(by email, 2 January 2014)
Enclosed is a commission Dave did for me in 2011. He did a limited print run of 10 prints full size 20 x 30. The original is from a photo, sorry don't have a scanner big enough... I had just bought a new house with a big brick fire place. Knowing that if I didn't decorate the area my wife would. I immediately called Dave and talked him into this. Dave finished it up within a few weeks. On August 3 he had called me at work to ask me if I had wanted it personalized. As we talked I had told him that it was my lucky day, I was stuck at work on my Birthday but at least I could see my new commission. Dave was quick to break out in an amazing Happy Birthday song. He really does sound like Frank Sinatra. All in all a pretty good 46th! Hoping for another one with characters from latter in the series after Dave finishes The Strange Death of Alex Raymond.

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David Birdsong said...

I have seen that print a couple of times, but never a high quality reproduction. I hope someone can share a really good one someday.

(Not that there is anything wrong with that one, thanks for sharing.)