Friday, 17 January 2014

That Russ Heath Girl #1

That Russ Heath Girl! #1
(Glamourpuss #16, November 2010)
By Russ Heath
Russ Heath contributed three covers to Dave Sim's Glamourpuss #11-13 (2010)
as well as four 'That Russ Heath Girl' pin-ups in Glamourpuss #16-19 (2010/11).
(via Press Release, 15 January 2014)
The National Cartoonists Society is very pleased to announce that legendary comic book artist Russ Heath will receive The Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual NCS Reuben Awards banquet in San Diego, California on May 24, 2014. The award, named for Terry and the Pirates creator and former NCS President and co-founder Milton Caniff, is awarded by unanimous vote of the NCS Board of Directors. It is given for a lifetime of outstanding and accomplished work to a cartoonist who has not previously won the organization’s highest honor, the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. Russ Heath may be best known for his stunningly authentic work in DC Comics' war titles such as G.I. Combat, Our Army at War, and Star Spangled War Stories, but the versatile artist has worked in an amazingly wide range of genres over the past seven decades...

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Anonymous said...

One nice thing about reading Sim's stuff- outside of the great art and stories- is that you learn a great deal as well (well, I do). Comic books, and comic shops tend to be a bit miopic, focusing on whoever's popular at the moment, or popular no more than ten to fifteen years ago. Anything older, outside of the works of DC/Marvel/Stan/Jack/Steve, tends not to be discussed or revered. Through Cerebus, and Dave's work, I've been introduced to a lot of comics history outside of that (and, of all things, the writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Norman Mailer, which didn't happen for me in high school or college given that I went to shitty high school and college).

So, thanks to Dave, and congrats to Russ.

-Wesley Smith