Monday, 6 January 2014

World's First 3D Rendering Of Cerebus

3D Cerebus (1991)
by George Peter Gatsis
(Click image to enlarge)
(from The Black Diamond Effect Blog, 8 July 2013)
I had sent Dave Sim a copy of my comic book The Black Diamond Effect... Included was a Lino Paper printout of a Cerebus 3D model I did. I called it "Stuff of Dreams." Yes I do have a digital copy of the file... BUT, back then, files on the Mac did not save with a file extension, for which 23 years later, makes it impossible to open old files from Apps that have long been extinct. AND silly me, I had only done one printout... even thou I was working at a service bureau and could have done a second copy easily... I just never thought how the world would change and work against me in such a way. 

BTW... the Linotype Imagesetter was a BIG machine!!!

So while I was working on getting Cerebus delivered digitally for Dave at, I had asked him in passing if he ever remembered the above 3D illustration? YES, he did remember it and I had asked him, if he ever came across it to please have it scanned and emailed to me from whom ever did the scanning.

John Funk at Business Oasis Inc. just emailed me a hirez scan!

This is a GREAT day for me personally. I have been re-united with a rare illustration that I had given up hope of ever having a copy of. YES, I have now saved it multiple times in PSD and JPG format... You never know where the Apps and image formats are going to go in the next 23 years.

The signature was not on the original illustration. I had found an old document from that time and super imposed the words: "3D Cerebus by George Peter Gatsis - 1991" and the signature.

Given the great progress done on the Cerebus Movie by Oliver Simonsen and his world wide crew, I hope this little bit of history puts a smile on your face, given it was created by Apps that fit on 700k floppy disks and a computer that is most likely less powerful than your average coffee maker today.


David Birdsong said...

For 1991 (!) that is not bad at all. I'm glad you got a hold of it again, George.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great to see the state of the art in 1991. Thank you, George, for submitting this.

-- Damian T. Lloyd, asc