Friday, 8 August 2014

"Bet I Had A Worse Week Than You"

Tim, I spoke with Dave on the phone today and he suggested that I send you a photo of me to post on AMOC under the heading of "bet I had a worse week than you". 


Anonymous said...

I will bite...maybe not the best choice of words. What the hell happened to you?

George Peter Gatsis said...

yeah, I second the question... What the hell happened to you?


Gabe McCann said...

Triple WTH?

Eddie said...

That looks like you were trying to create an "injury to throat" motif. Hope you're okay

David Birdsong said...

This is obviously a caption contest:

1 Don't get drunk and come in with your friends at 5 AM and say, "Bitch make us breakfast!"

2 It's a little boring and nerdy, but it cures the vampire bite every time.

3 He only gave me a warning, but that Wolverine means business.

OK, that's all I got, carry on...

M Kitchen said...

Looks like "someone" is doing more "research" for the next issue of CEREBUS READERS IN CRISIS!

Travis Pelkie said...

"How do straw work?"

Hope you're doing better, Jeff.

Jeff Seiler said...

A very belated Thank You! to everyone who expressed concern. Obviously, I wasn't doing so well then and forgot to go back and check the comments. See my recent post for the answer to the pithy question, "WTH?"