Friday, 29 August 2014

Cerebus False Starts: Explosions In Space

When you're keeping a monthly comic book on schedule, there really isn't an opportunity to "redo" pages. On the other hand, if you have serious doubts, there is a window of opportunity to change your mind. Sometimes the window was a little wider than it was at other times:

The explosion in outer space (page 122 of MINDS) Take One. I had given Gerhard the suggestion of doing mirror image atomic explosions, which he did and then wasn't happy with the result (arguing that -- with no "up and down" in space -- it was completely impossible that the explosion would be "up and down": it would have to be a spherical expansion) (which I certainly couldn't argue with but are you SURE you want to start over again from scratch?). Which he did. As Gerhard used to say, "Who WERE those guys?"


Dave Kopperman said...

Gerhard may have had a point - that page is actually upside-down, but you have to study it pretty closely to realize it.

Still, crazy beautiful.

Jeff Seiler said...

It just proves all over again what a crazy genius Ger was and probably still is: Do a brilliant page like that, to completion mind you, and then get queasy over the science of it and then just chuck it and start over. Amazing. No wonder he got ulcers.

Hey, Mags, you wanna tell us what page replaced it?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Dave told you, page 122 of Minds. Duh.

Jeff Seiler said...

As I used to say all the time over at the Yahoo group, "That's why I loves me some Dow."