Friday, 15 August 2014

In The News!

The Medicine Hat News, 8 July 1983
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(Submitted by Eddie Khanna. Thanks Eddie!)


Travis Pelkie said...

Ha, "Cerebrus".

Was the French translation by the Metal Hurlant people something that (a) ever happened (b) was sanctioned by Dave?

That is not the best pic of Dave I've ever seen. "I'm gonna snort this coke RIGHT off the page of the comic!"

Wow, no other Canadian comics? Must have been right before Vortex started, huh?

Paul Slade said...

You know, that may be my favourite photo of Dave ever!

Jimmy Gownley said...

"Cerebrus!" I remember getting an absolute rave review for my book AMELIA RULES!. I mean it was a real barn burner, and had at least 4 quotes I could use for promotion. Of course it was all meaningless to me because he called the book AMANDA rules! Oh well...

Anonymous said...

This is totally the image of Dave that'll get used for his eventual obituary in TCJ.

-Wes Smith