Friday, 17 April 2015

Unboxing Video For "High Society: Digital Audio / Visual Experience"

New to the world of computers, Dave Sim tries his hand at an unboxing video as he has heard that there is "an entire website" devoted to the pastime. Although there is no box per se, the spirit of the Unboxing Video is adhered to throughout this presentation.

8-Disc DVD Box-Set
by Dave Sim, with George Peter Gatsis
IDW, $39.99


MichaelVP said...

I've got mine!!

Travis Pelkie said...

Oh, that was fun. Now I see why "unboxing" is a "thing". Although I was so afraid that Dave was going to cut himself!

I got mine a little over a week ago, and took a brief look at a few things. I even managed to open the plastic in such a way that I rolled it back over the outside of the package! Listened to the start of the Mind Games issue on disc 1, and watched the entirety of issue 36. I liked it (although I would have held on that last page just a skosh longer!). Once I get the time (HA!), I'll take a look through more of the issues and the back matter.